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Last Updated : February 2020

Welcome to Italy Page

Italy is well known Cultural City for your studies

University of Milan

Università degli Studi di Milano

Management of Human Resources and Labour Studies

Entry Requirements

Eligible candidates must meet the following requirements:

a. They must have earned at least 9 ECTS credits or equivalent in sociology and/ or political sciences; at least 9 ECTS in economics and/ or mathematics/ statistics; and at least 9 ECTS in law.

b. Non-native speakers of English must be able to demonstrate their knowledge of English either by showing they have at least one year of university studies at institutions where the language of instruction is English, or by possessing one of the following:

 Cambridge CAE - Certificate in Advanced English: grade A or B;

 Cambridge CPE - Certificate of Proficiency in English: grade A, or B, or C;

 Cambridge IELTS: overall score of at least 6;

 TOEFL paper-based, computer-based or internet-based: overall score of at least 550, 215 or 80, respectively.


 All candidates shall complete an online test to ascertain their knowledge. The test is composed by multiple choice questions.

 Applicants shall:

 send a letter where they explain their motivation in joining the program, and

 request (at least) one recommendation letter, which describes past academic or professional accomplishments, identifies strengths and weaknesses, evaluates the candidate in terms of academic (or professional) performance, commitment, and teamwork.


 Applicants shall take an online interview through Skype

Admissions will be continuous during the Admission window (Feb 4th – Sep 10th). Final decisions will be communicated with the following calendar:

· Max 10 candidates admitted within Apr 30th 

·  Max 10 candidates admitted within May 31st

· Max 20 candidates admitted within Jun 30th

· Max 15 candidates admitted Sep 15th

Admitted candidates shall have one month to formally enroll. Failure to do so will result in the candidate being excluded and the next available candidate being notified of admission.

Degree programmes entirely in English

Bachelor programmes

Political Sciences    (3 years/with entrance examination)(first and second year held both in Italian and English)Curriculum "Politics and Economics" in English

Master and Single-cycle programmes

Economics and Finance (2 years)

Economics and Political Science (2 years)   


Environmental and Food Economics (2 years)

Industrial Chemistry (2 years)

International Medical School (Single-cycle - 6 years/with entrance examination)

Management of Human Resources and Labour studies (2 years)

Medical Biotechnology and Molecular Medicine (2 years)

Molecular Biology of the Cell (2 years)

Molecular Biotechnologies and Bioinformatics (2 years)

Safety Assessment of Xenobiotics and Biotechnological Products (2 years/with entrance examination

Sustainable Development (2 years)


Entry Requirements

The successful candidate of the Master program in Economics and Finance should have adequate knowledge of mathematics, microeconomics, macroeconomics, econometrics and statistics at undergraduate level.

Applicants have to submit their curriculum vitae, the transcript of exams and academic career, a motivation letter. Candidates can optionally ask their advisors to provide a presentation letter.

Applicants satisfying the entry requirements will be asked for a telematic interview aimed at substantive verification of their background, their motivations and their fluency in English.

Environmental and Food Economics 

International Medical School (Single-cycle - 6 years/with entrance examination)

For Course information please visit

Entry Requirements

Applicants must have a bachelor’s degree in economics, environmental science, agricultural and food science, or related fields.

A minimum background in mathematics, economics and statistics is required. Candidates lacking this background are invited to follow crash courses that will be held starting from the last week of August. 
Fluency in spoken and written English is also required.

All students who meet the above requirements are admitted to an interview. The interview, done remotely via electronic devices if necessary, is aimed at verifying the motivations of the candidates, the above-mentioned skills and the knowledge of English language.

Economics and Political Science

Entry Requirements

A Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry or Industrial Chemistry or in any Science and Technology discipline obtained in any Italian or foreign University is required. A minimum background in mathematics, physics and informatics is required. Fluency in spoken and written English minimum al B1 level is required. 

All students who meet the above requirements are admitted to an interview in September. The interview is aimed at verifying the motivations of the candidates, the above-mentioned skills and the knowledge of English language.

Industrial Chemistry

The university enrolment fees are annually set within March, but they approximately correspond to the following.

According to the chosen course of study and  the student’s economic situation, the annual fees vary from a minimum of about 690 Euros to a maximum of about 3,900 Euros, divided in two instalments:


· MBA Hospitality Management

· MBA Tourism Management

· MBA in General Management

Entry Requrement:

· Minimum 21 Years

· Undergraduate degree or equivalent – any subject area

· English levels 5.5 IELTS (5.5 in all bands) or equivalent*

· Relevant work experience is an asset


Enrollment Fee

Tuition Fee


International Students




Home Students




*International students subject to pay all the fees, before applying for the visa.


To access our Academic Course in hospitality management, or Academic Coure in Tourism Management, you must have successfully completed your final secondary school examinations, qualifying you for university admission in the country where you went to school. In general, we require grades that are well above the minimum pass level. We also take into consideration the difficulty of the courses you chose, and prefer subjects that develop the analytical skills needed to succeed at VISH.

· Minimum 18 years of age with successfully completed 12 year secondary education.

· English language skills at a level equivalent to IELTS 5.0 – 5.5 or equivalent.

· Hospitality orientation and good personality.


Enrolment Fees

Tuition Fees


International Students




Home Students




*International students subject to pay all the fees, before applying for the  Student visa.


Academic Course in Hospitality Management (Three years program)

Academic Course in Tourism Management (Three years program)

Entry Requirement:

MBA Out of the Ordinary demands that we recruit students who have demonstrated great success in their careers, no matter what their background.  We take a holistic approach when evaluating each candidate and look at every aspect of your application. We know there are many types of success beyond test scores or the field you came from.